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When choosing the right kind of air filter for your home, what should you consider? There are two primary kinds of top-quality air filters: hybrid catechin pre-filters and Platinum Deodorizing filters. Both are remarkably effective at ridding indoor air of ugly odors before it is passed through a second filtration system for allergens, pollutants and particulate matter — but they work in different ways. To find out which kind will work best with your lifestyle, read on.

Catechin Pre-Filters: The Natural And Long-Lasting Option

Photo of Catechin FiltersCatechin filters get their name from a naturally occurring bioflavonoid found in green tea that has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. Catechin — which has antiviral and antibacterial properties — is infused into every molecule of these filters, which enables them to strip the passing air of odor-causing pollutants such as tobacco smoke and pet smells. An equally important benefit is that they trap and deactivate microscopic bacteria and viruses, which can diminish or prevent the spread of some diseases.

Catechin filters are easy to remove, easy to clean, and they can last up to a full decade.

Platinum Deodorizing Filters: Higher Performance At The Molecular Level

Platinum Deodorizing filters, which also cleanse the air of unpleasant odors, work in premium units. Instead of catechin, these filters absorb foul smells using a platinum catalyst. They use nanotechnology, which makes them incredibly efficient at absorbing odor at the molecular level. A nanometer-scale mesh platinum catalyst deodorizing filter catches and absorbs even the tiniest particulate matter in the air.

Different products serve alternative needs: a homeowner concerned with longevity and easy maintenance may choose catechin filters because they are simple to clean and do not need to be replaced frequently. Conversely, homeowners who want the highest possible level of filtration performance may opt for Platinum Deodorizing filters for their accelerated absorption at the molecular level. No matter which kind of filter you choose, both catechin and platinum deodorizing filters remove odors and pollutants from the air, making it much healthier for you and your family to breathe.

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