Fujitsu K 9315212016 UTR-FA13-1 & UTR-FA13-2 Mini Split Filter

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Fujitsu K 9315212016 UTR-FA13-1 & UTR-FA13-2 replacement mini split filter with frames for the following Fujitsu mini split units: ASU18RLB, ASU24RLB, ASU18RLF, ASU24RLF, ASU18RLXS, ASU24RLXS, ASU24CL, ASU24CL1, ASU24RL, ASU30CLX, ASU36CLX, ASU30CLX1, ASU36CLX1, ASU30RLE, ASU30RLX, ASU30RLXB, ASU36RLXB

Factory Original Fujitsu K9315212016 Filter!

The Fujitsu K9315212016 Air Filter comes with two air filters.
The UTR-FA13-1 Polyphenol Catechin air cleaning filter, and the
UTR-FA13-2 Negative Air Ions deodorizing air filter. 

This is a package of two replacement Fujitsu filters (1) UTR-FA13-1 &  (1) UTR-FA13-2 with frames.

Dimensions: Product Height 14.5 Inches, Product Width 2.25 Inches, Product Depth 0.25 Inch


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