Abatement Technologies V10D Backpack HEPA Vacuum

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Abatement Technologies V10D backpack vacuum was designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. For its small size, the vacuum is incredibly powerful and equipped with a variety of features for fast, effective cleaning in a multitude of industries.

  • US Part# (V10D)
  • CAN Part# (GD10)
  • Designed for comfort and with ease of use in mind
  • Incredibly powerful for its small size
  • Equipped with a variety of features for fast, effective cleaning
  • Serves a multitude of industries
  • Tool kit included
  • Powerful: 99 cfm airflow &
    96” static lift
    • Upstream HEPA filter rated 99.99%
    @ 0.3 microns
    • Tool set included
    • 50 Foot power cord



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