Abatement CAP100-UV Filtration System with Germicidal UV-C

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This Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Abatement CAP100-UV Filtration System with Germicidal UV-C

This is a Three Stage Air Purification System. 

1st Stage - A 1" Pre-Filter removes large particles.
2nd Stage - A 5" deep UV resistant MERV 13 Final Filter campers up to 99% of particles.
3rd Stage - UV Lamp that disinfects and destroys allergy and asthma triggering microbes.


  • Rated MERV 13
  • Powerful ozone-free germicidal UV disinfection lamp
  • 16" x 25" x 5"
  • Foam gasketing on filter insures tight fit and eliminates air bypass
  • Factory Original Filters from Abatement Technologies

Includes housing, filters, and lamp from Abatement Technologies.

You can find the replacement filter pack for this unit here: PAK100-UV Annual Replacement Filters & Lamp for CAP100-UV Filtration System.

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