Abatement F621 Replacement Pre-Filters 12 Pack for CAP600 & CAP1200 Series

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Abatement First Stage FIBER TRAPPER Particulate Pre-Filter

Abatement Technologies F621 replacement pre-filter is designed to capture the coarsest particles circulating through your air duct system which helps to extend the life of the 2nd stage carbon-pleated filter and the Abatement HEPA filter.

This filter should be replaced every month.


  • Fits CAP600, CAP600-UV, CAP600-UVP, CAP1200, CAP1200-UVP, ORED600, PRED750 Purification Systems
  • Factory Original F621 Carbon Pre-Filter From Abatement Technologies
  • 16" x 16" x 1"
  •  1st stage Pre-Filter Pad

Case of 12 Abatement Technologies F621 pre-filters

 Fits these models:

  • PAS600HC
  • PAS600
  • PAS1200HC
  • PAS1200
  • PRED600HC
  • PRED600
  • PRED750HC
  • PRED750
  • PRED1200HC
  • PRED1200
  • PRED1200UV
  • PR1200UVHC

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