Abatement Technologies MP3000 Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum

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The Abatement Technologies MP3000 Mega Pump Vacuum System helps water restoration professionals can pump out large volume clean or black water spills. Mounted on a portable cart, the MP3000 combines a high-capacity sump pump, wet-dry vacuum system and particle filtration device all in one compact unit.

Products Details:

This versatile system can be operated in any one of three modes:

  • Combination Pump & Wet/Dry Vacuum Mode - Pumps out standing water, separates solids from the liquid and discharges the filtered water
  • Pump Only Mode - Pumps out standing water and discharges unfiltered water
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum Only Mode - Picks up solids and liquids and captures them in the 19-gallon tank
  • The internal MP3000 pump is incredibly powerful. It can extract up to 3,600 gallons per hour (60 gallons per minute), and discharge the removed water up to 23 feet vertically, or 300 feet horizontally.

Advanced features of the MEGA-PUMP MP3000 Water Extraction System include:

  • Completely Removes Standing Water from Basements and Other Below-Ground Locations - Leaves floors almost completely dry, unlike sump pumps, which typically leave one to two inches of standing water behind and require additional cleanup measures
  • Stainless Steel Filter Basket Catches Solids and Particles - Produces cleaner water discharge
  • Lightweight, Low-Profile Design and Built-in Cart - The MP3000 is exceptionally easy to roll to and around the job site
  • Can Be Operated Unattended - Frees up your restoration team for other tasks
  • “Tilt & Dump” Recovery Tank (also lifts out) - Faster and easier removal of captured solid & liquid contents when operated in the “vacuum only” mode; contents can be dumped out later or pumped into another container such as a 55-gallon drum


  • Pump Motor 0.5 HP, Draws 3 Amps @ 115 Volts AC/60 Hz
  • Pump Capacity 60 GPM, 23 Ft Vertical Discharge & 300 Ft Horizontal Discharge
  • Vacuum Motor 1.6 HP, Draws 8.5 Amps or Less @ 115 Volts AC/60Hz
  • Vacuum Capacity 50 GPM, 140 CFM & 105 Inches Static Lift
  • Canister Stainless Steel, with 19 Gallon Holding Capacity
  • Suction (Inlet) Hose 1.5 Inch Diameter x 13 Feet Long, Crush Proof (Included)
  • Standard Tool Kit Suction Hose, Curved Wand, 2-Piece Extension Wand, Squeegee Tool & 1.5' Diameter NPT Discharge Hose Fitting
  • Discharge Hose Includes 1 Heavy Duty 1.5' Diameter x 25' Long Discharge Hose
  • Power Cord Attached, 14/3 AWG with Grounded Plug, 35'
  • Weight/ Dimensions 73 lbs, 23 ' W x 24 ' D x 38' H

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