Aqua Treatment Service ATS6-211 UV Quartz Sleeve

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Aqua Treatment Service ATS6-211 replacement quartz sleeve for Aqua Treatment Service (ATS) DWS-7, SE-7, GDS-7, PFC-7 uv systems. The ATS6-211 quartz sleeve is open on both ends 22mm x 24.5mm x 378mm. The quartz sleeve keeps the UV lamp from shorting out and maintains the lamp's ideal operating temperature of 104 Degrees Fahrenheit. Mineral build-up hinders the lamp's effectiveness.
  • Replace every 24 months or as needed
  • Use with DWS-7, SE-7, GDS-7, PFC-7 systems
  • Open Both End
  • Length: 378mm
  • Inside Diameter: 22mm
  • Outside Diameter: 24.5mm

Aqua Treatment Service ATS-476D Alternate Part Numbers: ATS6-211, ATS6211, ATS-6211


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