Campbell RVDH-34 Disposable RV Water Filter and Hose

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Campbell RVDH-34 Disposable RV Water Filter removes unpleasant tastes & odors, including chlorine, from portable drinking water before these problems can reach the RV storage tank. This easy-to-use system includes a 10" long High-Flow Disposable Filter and a 12" FDA-quality drinking water hose that connects the filter to the RV water inlet. Standard 3/4" RV water hose connects the inlet side of the filter to the portable water supply. Campbell Manufacturing's RVDH-34 only includes the filter and hose for the RV Pre-Tank Filter System (Disposable).

  • Includes Filter and Hose
  • Flow (GPM): 3
  • Pressure Range (PSI): 30-125
  • Temperature Range: 40°F-100°F
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection: 3/4"


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