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SAVE $10 OFF ALL ORDERS OF $125 OR MORE! Discount automatically applied at checkout.


Fujitsu K 9315014016 & K 9315212016 UTR-FA13-1 & UTR-FA13-2 Filter Combo

by Fujitsu
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Fujitsu K 9315014016 and K 9315212016 UTR-FA13-1 & UTR-FA13-2 replacement filter combo pack for Fujitsu mini splits models: ASU18RLF, ASU18RLXS, ASU24CL, ASU24CL, ASU24RL, ASU24RL, ASU24RLXS, ASU30CLX, ASU30RLX, ASU36RLXB, ASU36CLX, ASU36CLX1, ASUB18RLAV, ASUB18TLAV1, ASUB24RLAV, ASUB24TLAV1.

Fujitsu K9315014016 mini split filters are to be cleaned every two weeks and replaced once a year to ensure the best air cleaning performance of the filter.

Fujitsu K 9315014016 washable mini split filter part number has been changed to K 9315014023.

Fujitsu K9315014016 Dimensions: Height 16.00 In, Width 14.00 In.

The Fujitsu K9315212016 Air Filter comes with two air filters.
The UTR-FA13-1 Polyphenol Catechin air cleaning filter, and the
UTR-FA13-2 Negative Air Ions deodorizing air filter. The UTR-FA13-1 Apple Catechin filter is a disposable air filter and shouldn't be washed. If this filter is washed the media will be damaged. This filter should be replaced every three months. 

Fujitsu K9315212016 Dimensions: Height 14.5 In, Width 2.25 In, Depth 0.25 In.

This filter pack contains 4 filters. Two Fujitsu K9315014016 filters, one UTR-FA13-1, and one UTR-FA13-2 filter.

Factory Original Fujitsu K9315014016 and K9315212016 filter combo. 



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