Fujitsu UTY-LNHUM Wireless Mini Split Remote Controller

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Fujitsu UTY-LNHUM Wireless Mini Split Remote Controller is used to provide control and additional functionality for Fujitsu Mini Split Indoor Units. This wireless remote is a simple and effective way to manage a zone in your mini split system. The Fujitsu UTY-LNHUM is a simple and effective way to manage your mini split system.

  • Minimum Heat Settings
  • The Fujitsu UTY-LNHUM allows you to select a minimum heat operation mode. This mode will activate your indoor unit when the zone temperature drops below 50 degrees. This protects your system from freezing while using a minimal amount of power.
  • Restrict Energy Use
  • With a UTY-LNHUM Wireless Remote Controller, you can set your Fujitsu Mini Split Indoor Units to operate in economy mode. This mode exchanges a small amount of heating and cooling power for reduced energy consumption from your system.
  • Program Timers
  • The UTY-LNHUM Wireless Remote Controller allows to you set program timers. These timers will turn your system on or off after a set amount of time has passed. Two timers may be set for a 24 hour period.
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NOTE: Factory Original Fujitsu UTY-LNHUM Wireless Mini Split Remote Controller!

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