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SAVE $10 OFF ALL ORDERS OF $125 OR MORE! Discount automatically applied at checkout.


Mitsubishi U01 A01 100 Nano Platinum Mini Split Filter 2-Pack

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Mitsubishi U01 A01 100 Nano Platinum replacement mini split filter set for the following Mitsubishi mini split units: MSZ-GL06NA-U1, MSZ-GL09NA-U1, MSZ-GL12NA-U1, MSZ-GL15NA-U 1, MSY-GL09NA-U1, MSY-GL12NA-U1, MSY-GL15NA-U1, MSZ-GS06NA, MSZ-GS09NA, MSZ-GS12NA, MSZ-GS15NA, MSY-GS09NA, MSY-GS12NA, MSY-GS15NA

All of the above indoor units require 2 replacement air filters.

Dimensions: 12-1/2" x 13-3/4"

Factory Original Mitsubishi U01 A01 100 Filter 2-Pack!

Mitsubishi U01 A01 100 Nano Platinum mini split filter which also cleanse the air of unpleasant odors, work in premium units. Instead of catechin, these filters absorb foul smells using a platinum catalyst. They use nanotechnology, which makes them incredibly efficient at absorbing odor at the molecular level. A nanometer-scale mesh platinum catalyst deodorizing filter catches and absorbs even the tiniest particulate matter in the air.

Part number 6 in the pictured parts breakdown list are the Mitsubishi U01 A01 100  Nano Platinum replacement filters. Part number 9 are the Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filters.

Package of two U01 A01 100 replacement filters for Mitsubishi mini split indoor units.

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